Friday, September 3, 2010

A New Season

A new chapter has begun in my life as I've really felt God challenge me to take what I've learned through my Discipleship Training School and turn it into a lifestyle. That could look like a lot of things...but for me, for this season of my life, I want to be committed to a group of people actively and radically trying to make a difference in the world.

I plan to spend the next five years working with one such group, called  Pick-A-Pocket. We are a community of young artists, photographers, and musicians, with different backgrounds and cultures who have been united by a passion to serve the poor in both creative and practical ways and whose ultimate goal is to advance the Kingdom of God on earth.
At our fall retreat in Hamburg, Germany.
I've created this blog in the hope that you'll walk with me as I take this step of faith, move to Germany, and pursue what God has for me there!

Living to make His dreams come true,



  1. i will walk with you always :)
    your big sister,
    beth joy

  2. haha. Laken, your pose/facial expression is my absolute favorite of them all!