Saturday, September 11, 2010

In Our Own Backyard

The mindset of so many Americans is that the horrors of human trafficking and modern slavery don't exist within US borders, and as much as I want to say we're truly the "land of the free," last week's news suggests otherwise. The FBI recently found over 400 Thai nationals being forced to work on twelve different farms in Hawaii. They were recruited in Thailand, brought to America, stripped of their passports, and then forced to work off the "debt" they owed recruiters for their passage to Hawaii. Can you imagine the devastation, the helplessness, you would feel...thinking you're arriving in the Promised Land, only to find yourself in the Negev, the desert, with no way out? The saddest part is that these injustices seem small in comparison with the even bigger problem of sex trafficking in Hawaii and the other 49 states. To read more about these issues, see my links below

Hawaii Home To Largest Human Trafficking Case in US History - News Story - KITV Honolulu

Making A Difference: Pacific Survivor Center Helps Hidden Victims of Human Trafficking & Torture

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