Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Reform

Last weekend, YWAM Norway sent out 50 teams to all 46 nations of Europe to intercede for the continent simultaneously. Can you grasp that? Young people standing in the gap, crying out in one voice to the God who desperately longs to be with the people of these nations. How beautiful is that? 

You might recognize this song, "The Reform" by Ascend The Hill, from our Koshe Project video. It's my heart's cry to see this song become the prayer, the reality, of Europe. Join with us in hoping for that. 

(Download this album by Ascend The Hill and many
 other great artists for free at

I open my eyes to the breath-taking splendor of brand new sky
I come with all I am
Heart pounding, and voice resounding
This is the sound of my rebounding
Coming back again
Coming back again
To you, God

The Creator's brand I bear
And forfeit the scars of love to share
This is the sound of foundations shaking
History in the making

This is reformation
This is love overtaking 
This is the sound of redemption
This is now, this is here

This is love overtaking me
This is love overtaking me
Overtake us God!

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