Saturday, October 1, 2011

Elskede Jesus

I love Norway. I love that every morning when I step out my door, the crisp fresh air hits my face and the prayers of faithful servants float down from the Upper Room. I love seeing the sun glittering on the surface of the lake in the distance and the clouds settling low on the hills. I love the thick, green, weed-less grass and the colorful Norwegian cottages. I love that 54 degrees farenheit is picnic weather. I love the rich heritage of this nation. I love this culture and these people. 

Most of all, I love their beautiful language. This song, Elskede Jesus, is so on my heart. I had a dream the day before I came to Norway that many people were standing around me singing this song. At the time, I thought it must have been the language of angels because I'd never heard it before. To my great surprise, this song actually exists and was written by girl named Marie Hognestad (who does have the voice of an angel, even if the language was only Norwegian) who's serving with the prayer team here at Grimerud. How beautiful is that? Oh, Lord, how you woo me!

Here are the lyrics in English:

Beloved Jesus
No one can compare with you
Beloved Jesus
You are the only one for me

You are the glorious Morning Star
Chief among ten thousand men
You live in a light no one can approach
You are the First and the Last
Ruler of the kings of the earth
Your beauty surpasses all I can think of

So come and take your place on the throne of my heart
I crown you as king of my love
Come and take your place on the throne of my heart
I crown you as king of my love

Beloved Jesus
You are all my heart aspires to
Beloved Jesus
There is only you who satisfies

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  1. Hi!
    I'm a YWAM'er based in England and I came across you website, because I also love Elskede Jesus, I came across the song when I was visiting some friends at the YWAM Skien base. I love your website and what you have to say/doing :) God Bless!