Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nations to Nations: Benny Prasad

With Benny Prasad at Nations to Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.
Last week, my school traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to study the spiritual climate of present-day Europe with Tom Bloomer, the international provost of University of The Nations. It was an amazing time of gaining understanding about post-modern Europe through studying the history of Geneva and the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century which began there. We were able to visit the church where John Calvin preached as well as the home of Jean-Jaques Rousseau, the 18th century philosopher who greatly influence the French Revolution. 

While we were in Geneva, we also had the opportunity to take part in two Nations to Nations events. Nations to Nations is a ministry of YWAM that is seeking to restore the identity, dignity, and destiny of all peoples and nations through intercultural worship. These events are essentially huge worship gatherings where the different nations being represented are invited to lead segments according to their cultural tradition. For example, we had French rappers and hip-hop dancers performing, followed by a traditional African praise song being sung in Zulu. Among these diverse worshipers was Benny Prasad, an Indian musical prodigy and an amazing man of God. In 2002, God told Benny that he would travel to all nations of the world to share his testimony, preach the gospel, and perform his music. As an Indian, this is a virtual impossibility, but this year God's word to Benny was fulfilled when he performed in Pakistan, the 245th and final country, making him the world record holder. He has performed in countries as closed as North Korea and as remote as Antarctica. His story is truly incredible. Take a look at the video below to hear more about Benny:

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  1. Laken, how inspiring!! you are meeting such wonderful people all around the world! thank you for sharing this story of a very talented man who has given his life totally to the Lord. love and miss you, mama waz