Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love, Sweet Love.

Scenes from the long ride to Basel!
Last weekend I had the privilege of witnessing the wedding of two of my friends and ministry leaders, Josh and Ruth Elke! YWAM weddings are always extra special because beloved friends gather from every corner of the globe, reunited to celebrate the joining of two lives, by means of impressively budgeted travel and extremely creative housing. In our case, it meant packing into a rental car at 5am and pounding the pavement until mid-afternoon. We reached our destination, Ruth's family farm in Maulburg (near Basel on the border with Switzerland), just in time to participate in the "stag" and "hen" parties, help with last-minute cleaning, and transform their barn into a reception hall.

The day of the wedding was a toasty 85 degrees fahrenheit (my apologies to the Texans who, I'm sure, are scowling at my use of the word "toasty" in reference to anything below 100), and not a cloud in sight---perfect for such a happy occasion! I wish I had a copy of the vows to share with you because they were absolutely beautiful. It was so fun listening to the fathers bestow their wisdom on Josh and Ruth in their different languages (Josh is American and Ruth is German), and to see their families come around them in prayer. I'm confident that many will be blessed by this union!

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